Teaching Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project-Houston

illustration of an old burnt letter folded into a paper boat on a stark white background
Teaching BLMP-HOU seeks to develop a Digital Humanities project responsive to the needs and specificities of this group of migrants, particularly in the U.S. South.

Black LGBTQ+ migrants worldwide are impacted by structures of power that produce anti-black policies, forced migration, military occupations, homophobic/transphobic violence, wealth theft, economic precarity, lack of legal status for citizenship, environmental racism and more. Events that lead to the forced migration of Black LGBTQ+ migrants produce significant trauma.

This project has three goals: 1) To serve as an online access point for migrants in need of services, resources, and tools that might assist them in navigating migration and asylum policy and legal systems; 2) To conduct surveys, research and data collection in order to learn about the Black, migrant, LGBTQIA+ community in the U.S. in order to better understand their challenges and needs. Ultimately the goal is to work with the community in developing resources; and 3) To develop a resource hub which educates students and service providers about the traumas of forced migration and experiences of Black LGBTQIA+ migrants.

The website for this project is currently under construction. Please check back.