From Digitizing to Mining, C.T. Bauer College Archives — A Practical Journey Through Our College’s Public Records from 1947 to 2009

This project seeks to support the capture, categorization, analysis, and digital exhibition of historical College of Business Administration/C.T. Bauer College Records by C.T. Bauer College students. Select student groups enrolled in BCIS 1305 during the Spring and Fall 2021 semesters will participate in various phases of a hands-on project that aims to process the college’s historical documents that are a part of the University of Houston Archives. This cyclical semester-long project aims to process the whole of Bauer archives over the course of the next 2-4 years with work continuing with already photographed assets from 2020. Analyses of the data related to the records would be used for semesters to come for data processing and analytical tasks to support BCIS 1305 learning objectives. Students will partake in experiential learning with data as they generate valuable information that serves stakeholders in our greater UH community.