Why DH Needs UX

This project will examine the interplay between DH and user experience (UX) research: the process of creating products or tools that are efficient, enjoyable, and effective in their use. From its foundations at Bell Labs in the 1950s to its development as a discipline by Apple in the 1990s, UX research has now become industry standard in the production of technology. The field of DH, however, has yet to fully realize the significance of UX for a successful digital project or even include it at all as part of project development.

Our overall objective is to contribute to the theory and practice of DH, specifically in the accessibility and sustainability of DH projects. We intend to reach already active and future DH practitioners by providing a bridge to the technology field and industry. Through our own experience with the SYRIOS project, we seek to demonstrate the efficacy of collaboration between these worlds at all stages of a DH project.