Grant Partnership Opportunities

Guidelines for applying for an external grant in digital research

Whether you are applying to a local or federal granting agency, or to a charitable institution, external grants have more exhaustive requirements for their applications than do most internal grants. The Digital Research Commons staff can provide assistance in planning and partnering on grants for digital research. Please read the brief overview of our services below and contact us to discuss your project and application in more detail.

What can the Digital Research Commons provide you and your application?

Our core areas of provision are listed below. We might be able to offer more than is listed, but the items here are part of what we consider a standard level of assistance to offer a project when we have a certain level of involvement in its planning and execution.

  • Promotion: we can work with you to promote your work locally and globally as and when is best for you
  • Meeting space: we can offer you use of the Digital Research Commons and its equipment for meetings, lectures, workshops, demos, etc.
  • Expertise: Taylor Davis-Van Atta (Head of Research Services), Dr. Linda Garcia Merchant (Public Humanities Data Librarian), or Santi Thompson (Associate Dean for Research and Student Engagement) can consult with you during your application process and we are happy to discuss what inclusion in your grant might look like
  • Storage: we are happy to accession your datasets and research objects into the UH digital repositories, and to discuss what the best storage options might be for you at all stages of your funding cycle