In addition to Sponsored Projects and a range of other programs, staff in the Digital Research Commons offer specialized research services across an array of digital humanities, data curation, and publishing topics.

Digital Humanities Services

Our staff works with campus researchers and research units to launch or develop research using computational methods. We also collaborate with teachers at the undergraduate and graduate level to develop classroom activities and components that incorporate digital methods in a manageable way.

Services include:

  • Digital research consultations on-demand on research projects of any size
  • Rotating and on-demand workshops
  • Collaborations with individual classes to build long-term projects with a series of short-term deliverables
  • Collaboration with departments to offer a tailored series of workshops and classes in the core areas and methods. These sessions follow a period of careful consultation and discussion with members in the target department

Digital research consultations on-demand on research projects of any size. Areas of expertise include:

  • Text mining
  • Network analysis
  • Data cleaning and modeling
  • Digital project design and development

Read through brief descriptions of Digital Humanities workshops. For additional information please contact Dr. Claude Willan.

Research Data and Materials Management Services

Our staff provides guidance for individuals and teams in all disciplines on topics related to research data management, archiving, preservation, and sharing. These services include:

Data Management Plan Guidance

  • Interpreting and clarifying agency requirements
  • Access to online templates and agency guidance via the DMPtool
  • Review of written plans pre-proposal
  • Maintaining compliance over the course of research projects

Research Data and Materials Management Consultations

  • Issues related to data handling
  • Data storage and back-up
  • Data security and access
  • Research data documentation and metadata
  • Version control and managing workflows

Data Management Workshops

  • Core Data Management Practices for UH Researchers
  • Research Data Archiving and Sharing
  • Writing a Data Management Plan
  • Getting started with the UH Data Repository

Workshops can be customized based on the needs and context of the inquiry. Data Management and related topics mentioned in the consultation section can be developed within the context of the discipline, class, or research group needs as time permits. Generally 2-3 weeks time is needed for new requests.

For additional information on our Research Data Management services, please contact Dr. Reid Boehm.

Scholarly Publishing Services

Our staff provides a broad range of services that assist researchers in making their outputs available open access.

  • Cougar ROAR comprises the UH Institutional Repository and UH Data Repository (Dataverse repository), providing all in the UH community with safe, legal, and permanent venue to make their research outputs available to anybody worldwide with an internet connection.
  • CV Service / Assisted Institutional Repository Submissions: All UH faculty may submit their CV or list of peer reviewed publications for processing and help in getting as much of their research output as possible globally disseminated through Cougar ROAR
  • Journal hosting and start-up: UH researchers at any level may request a hosted open access journal site on the Open Journal Systems platform and learn how to start a new scholarly journal
  • Omeka: the DRC is currently piloting the Omeka S platform for research and instructional use
  • Open Monograph Publishing: the DRC is currently piloting production of open access, peer-reviewed scholarly monographs, leveraging local tools, platforms, and expertise

For additional information please contact DRC director Taylor Davis-Van Atta.

Rights Management Services

Our staff provides consultations and workshops on:

  • Understanding publisher agreements and rights negotiation strategies
  • Understanding Open Access publishing vs. traditional publishing options
  • Rights reversion: regain control over your existing publications, including older monographs and book chapters
  • Rights and copyright issues in thesis and dissertation development
  • The dissertation-to-monograph process
  • Preprint servers: when, why, and how

For additional information please contact DRC director Taylor Davis-Van Atta.

For a complete list of research services offered by UH Libraries, visit our main Research Services page.