In the DRC, we sponsor a number of research projects from the UH community each year. We offer financial support, project management, help with implementation and technical proficiencies, and more. Sponsorship lasts for one academic year and may be renewable. Have a look at the look at a recent call for proposals, or contact us to talk about your idea.

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We are committed to the principles of open access and ask all projects that we sponsor to deposit at least part of their data in the UH repository for the free use of the research community.

What is digital research?

Digital research is the use of computational tools to produce new knowledge. This can be through devising new approaches to old problems, working on a scale never before possible, and by uncovering entirely new research questions.

Digital research spans a universe of skills, tools, approaches and disciplines. In the DRC, we work to help everyone who comes to us for help. Together with our partners in UH Libraries, we are currently actively supporting work in these areas:

  • Data cleaning, modeling, analysis and visualization
  • Network analysis
  • Text mining and corpus building
  • Topic modeling
  • Machine learning
  • GIS
  • XML